Dissatisfied your website appearance? It feels out of date, and her cell phone does not appear properly?

Do you want to link to Facebook page, or display an active map, questionnaire?

Get a free website analysis and do website modernization of your website with us. No strings attached!

During the modernization of the website the old site entirely taken on board by all the features and content and designed for each display device (mobile, tablet, or even a full HD or 2K resolution devices). The contents of the page are easily manageable and readable doing is matched to the latest  standards.

The pages earlier references (URL`s)  converted into user-friendly format, which anyone can quickly and easily be able to navigate the site.

The website content editing, administering it easier for you through a simple, clear administrative interface that allows you make changes in seconds.

The site modernization process

The website modernizing - depending on the complexity of  the content and number of actions/tasks - takes 10-15 working days.

1. Examination of Current Page

As a first step colleagues assessed the current side of the deficiencies and recommend the tasks to be performed during the modernization. The survey is free, after entering some data of our employees begin to analyze the page.
Preliminary bids will be sent to the modernization costs - within 2-5 business days - on the basis of the results of the website analysis.

2. Modernisation offer - Preliminary costing

The offer - in addition to the presentation of the modernization tasks - solving capabilities and includes an itemized list of these tasks can be performed independently of each task. You decide which of the tasks are self-paced first round, you want to achieve. Of course, these tasks under a separate contract can be implemented in the future.

The cost of modernization - depending on the tasks to be performed - a sum between 500€  and 1000€ plus VAT adds up. All we offer for a reduced price if you select the recommended self-paced tasks.

3. Clarification of Modernisation tasks

Following acceptance of the offer will pick up our staff to contact you and discuss with you each of  modernization task in detail. It usually takes 1-2 hours.
We are in constant contact with our client in the course of modernization, so any request, we seem to respond immediately to the comment.

4. Upload Content

After ordering website modernization of our employees immediately begin the current content (images, text, links) extra lift a proprietary content management system.

5. Appearance design

Many of our customers insist on retaining the previous appearance of the site, but for the most part "in the same breath" is the look of the conversion request of our customers. Of course, this does not entail additional costs, because our course of modernization from the ground up "re-build" website appearance.

Most of our customers - and the expectations of the scope of activities description of - trust us to transform the look, but of course we can build a website appearance is based on a complex design plan. 

6. Site Testing

In addition to the original page early in the smooth functioning of modernization we create a test page, and grand access to our administrative interface so that the images and content from the client can independently change charge.

Meanwhile, our staff is constantly monitored, tested the old page references, search engine optimization and other settings that the site is armed with any previous content is not lost.

7. Publication ("Sharpen") the site

Following the finalization of the modernization is to arm the site according to the customer needs. This can be done in several ways:

  • Domain redirection
    The site currently hosting provider requests theredirection web part of domain (RECORD A) .
  • The entire domain cross-registration
    In this case, our company will take over full hosting and email services for your domain.

Because the customer in both cases the demand hosting our service, we recommend that in order to ensure continuous site monitoring minimum monthly fee conclude with us a service contract, which in addition to keeping it updated the website provides an opportunity for website minor modifications complimentary been carried out the or preferential ordering greater improvements.


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During the web site  modernization you do not need :

  • to upload existing content again,
  • to resize or to convert your old pictures, 
  • to guess keywords or links, 
  • .. and especially not to worry because the search engines!

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Site Modernization

Site Modernization

During the website modernization the original website entirely taken on board with all the features and content to our content management systems, for easy handling, to appear and doing well matched to the latest display standards.

After site modernization the old website:

  • each device display site in an appropriate form,
  • It includes user-friendly links instead of the old links,
  • meets the latest web standards (HTML5, CSS3, RSS),
  • editable easy to use administration interface,,
  • and all the previous content, image and link will remain unchanged.