Was your website developed by our company, and you are satisfied with the result?

Are you sure, there is nothing to do with it anymore?

Unfortunately, it is not true.

Your website needs constant supervising, after it is finished. If it is just a pain in the back for you, entrust our company with this job too.

If you are interesting in this service, just transport your website to us, and we do all the work for you, including the whole modernization progress and you get discount the prize of website maintenance and supervision service. This is our way to thank you, for your trust.

What is the website maintenance and supervision exactly?

During the website maintenance, we grant the dynamic appearence and a trouble free functioning. We make these modifications behind the curtain, and keeping the website structure unchanged. Furthermore, we edit/change those pictures, texts, blocks, that can not be done via the contact management system (CMS), and insure you, we make every configuration done, that necessary for search engine optimalization.

In addition, our team is supervising your website continously, so, if any trouble happens, we can repair it quickly. That grants you a permanent and trouble free functioning website.

The maintenance includes the followings:

  • ensuring a correct functioniality and dynamic appeariance of the whole website,
  • doing minor modifications, are not affecting on the present website structure,
  • updating static pictures, texts and blocks which are not editable in Content management System  (CMS), 
  • making perfect and valid technical background for Seach Engine Optimalization (SEO),
  • uploading unique content,
  • correcting mistakes are made by users