Ssangyong portals in hungarian and romanian

The official website of Ssangyong, the well known manufacturer from commercials.


Wallis Automotive Europe has existed as an independent automotive wholesaler specialising in Central and Eastern Europe for nearly 30 years. Their diverse experience ranges from luxury sports cars to light commercial vehicles.


We've been asked to modernize the and sites after we modernized the for them.

The purpose of these websites are to present the manufacturer, the marketed cars, option for requesting an offer or application for a test drive, create a personalized configuration, ect. with a renewed design.

Pictures of the site before and after the modernization:


Online offer request

It makes possible to create unique forms.


With this modul, we can "build" are own car. We can select the color, the facility, the extra elements and the interior. 

At the end of the process, you can send your configuration to a distributor, which you can choose from a list. Your configuration will also be sent to your e-mail address in pdf format.


You can sort your articles by theme. Each article has a unique picture and document uploading feature.


Every distributor can be displayed on a map by their GPS coordinates. We can sort them by city, and you can immediately select one, to send them an offer request, or an application for a test drive.

Handling the mutations

This modul makes it possible to display contents from the "parent" website like it's their own. For example:

  • the presenting page of the model and the manufacturer
  • pictures
  • blog articles
  • price lists, brochures
  • other documents

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Our work so far in pictures


Take a look at our work so far.

Isuzu4x4 website modernization

Isuzu4x4 website modernization

Ssangyong portals in hungarian and romanian

Ssangyong portals in hungarian and romanian

Wallis Automotive Europe Ltd

Wallis Automotive Europe Ltd

URBANPM site modernization

URBANPM site modernization

Vodafone - Smartweb

Vodafone - Smartweb

Detailed descriptions can be found on our references page.